Ranger is a damage dealing class in ESO.

Ranger skills are Unda magic based or Widu magic based.

Since they have magic based skills, rangers (like every class in ESO) can gain benefit from intelligence based items.

Ranger spell damage will also increase if they add Unda and Widu affinity points and use Unda and/or Widu enhanced items.

Like all classes, rangers have a variety of single target and multi-target spells and can use any combination of skills.

Most ranger skills have a fast cast time, which aids them when kiting monsters or players. Rangers can not walk and attack at the same time.

Rangers may complete a few special quests to gain access to "Ethyr" class skills (each class in ESO has a few of these unique quests).

A list of all the ranger skills and skill descriptions can be found on the skills page after a ranger character is created.

In Dec 2009, ESO released a major update. The update introduced two subclasses for the ranger available at level 75. Each subclass gains a few unique skills.

Also, the update changed the way affinity and attribute points are assigned to a character.

Because of this, much of the information listed in the community forums and elsewhere is outdated and should be read with caution.