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A quests is a task assigned by an NPC in exchange for a reward. There are 11 different types of quests:

Quest ListEdit

Starter QuestsEdit
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Bulletin Board Quest(Basice Quest's)Edit
Hunting QuestEdit

Starter Quests Edit

These quests are recieved at the start of the game and and will help players learn and level up quickly into the game. NPCs will speak of functions of the interface such as identifying what materials are used for and how to enter instances. While they are the same in purpose and some tasks, the quests accepted in your home town vary in storyline.

Training Quests Edit

Training Quests usually yield enough experience to level up. Players should attempt to finish these quests when recieved since they often times advance the plot line and open up new quests. The Training Quests listed here are not Starter Quests.

Trial Quests Edit

Trial quests, as the name imply are very challegenging. They often involve killing a particular boss, visiting a far off NPC, or collecting certain resources. Completing them can yield a fair amount of experience and treasure. Such quests can be obtained from a few NPC's and Sacred Books.

Fate Quests Edit

Fate Quests are the storyline quests, which are offered by various NPCs seeking your help as the savior or choosen one. Completing these will put you one step closer to being picked as an emissary to travel with the Royal Monk on his Journey to the West.

Adventure Quests Edit

Adventure quests can be recieved from a person in some city or within the dungeon itself. They will yield plenty of experience, but are very difficult. The quest must be completed in the specific dungeon or instance and will revolve around killing a boss or the guards.

Diplomacy Quests Edit

Diplomacy quests involve traveling the world in search of Diplomatic Items. At the moment only one Diplomatic Quest exists at above level 30. Speaking to Crowen the Psychic will intiate the quest. Completing the diplomactic quest will gain you great rewards and plenty of treasure.

Bulletin Board Quests Edit

Bulletin Board Quests are accepted at a cities Bulletin Board. Completing these quests can increase your bondment with specific spieces of creatures and yield possible diplomatic items or puzzle pieces and a teeny bit of experiece. Don't expect any treasure from it. Quests found at Bulletin Boards are listed as normal. However if you get lucky, you may come across a Heroic Quest or a Challenged Quest. These types are much harder by comparisson and can often times yield experience equal to that of the storyline quest. Some may be as simple as talking to someone to killing a random roaming boss monster. Beware there are level limits to where players can accept these quests.
However there is an available item to increase the chances of getting rarer quests. The cash shop item, Order of the Wind , can increase player's charisma and make it more likely for such quests to appear. Quests are refreshed whenever a player completes a quest, levels up, or a day passes.

Hunting Quests Edit

In every major town there is a hunter. Aside from offering services to revive, identify, and give out information on pets, the hunter can also give a number of quests. Each netting you Hunting Coin. When enough of these are collected a new much harder quest becomes available, which can give greater rewards such as transformation cards. However such quests require the presence of a partner to aid you in the quest and will consume a number of Hunting Coins. Beware, each quest has a time limit as well as a level limit.

Clan Quests Edit

Clan quests are obtained whenever a player logs in. As long as there exists an open space in a players quest log, a clan quest will appear. It can be trashed like some other quests, but completing them will increase the clan and alliance development.

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