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Herbalism is the vocation you take up to make HP pots. You can buy normal HP pots from NPC but with crafting your own there is also a chance of making 2 different types of pots, the + pots (which will heal you more than the normal HP pot of the same level) and the mana+hp pots.

Once you've hit level 4 Herbalism, you can take a "Expert:Herbalism:Affinity" title which gives you +5 affinity.

Herbalism uses the "FORAGING" sub vocation. So, if you would like to take Herbalism as a vocation it is recommended that you pick up Foraging as your sub vocation.

You can make potions after foraging the materials that you need and a furnace. Different levels of pots you make will need a different level of furnace.

List of Furnaces & Price

  • Novice Furnace 89 bronze
  • Apprentice Furnace 1 silver 69 bronze
  • Gatherer Furnace 3 silver 23 bronze
  • Worker Furnace 5 silver 35 bronze

Getting to Herbalism level 6 takes 187750 points.

Levelling Herbalism up to level 6 will also open you up to the Banner event which you can compete with other people for a "TALES OF WELLS" which is an item that gives your pet 386 million experience.


Furnaces - Jimm Tool Merchant

  • Level 15 Small Health Pots
  • Level 30 Medium Health Pots
  • Level 45 Large Health Pots
  • Level 60 Great Health Pots
  • Level 75 Superb Health Pots
  • Level 90 Perfect Health Pots

You can also craft

  • Wisdom Powder --> increases characters resistance
  • Wine of Tenacity --> increases accuracy
  • Conqueror's Potion --> increases critstrike bonus
  • Power Powder --> increases strength
  • Wine of Life --> increases characters HP

of different levels as you level up.

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