Exchange the Bag tokenEdit

  • Note:

Do not take the"Expand bag 1" Quest untill you have either Completed the Exchange the bag token" Quest, or Purchased a Red Banded Yarn From the Heaven Repository

  • Note
If you do End up geting "Expand bag 1", you will not be able to get the "Exchange the bag token Quest".
  • Note:

You get the Bag Token from Gift pack as seen in the picture Below


Quest InformationEdit

  • Travel to Pokari City near 492, 464, After Obtaining the Bag Token
  • Speak to Stash Keeper - Capital.
  • See Stash Keeper - Capital for your reward.

Obtained from

  • Stash Keeper - Capital


  • Level 15
  • Bag Token


  • 30 Extra Slots inventory Space


Talking to Stask Keeper: "Ah, So Ziola gave you a Bag token? Just Give me the Token and i will expand your bag to 30 Slots."

Answer: No problem

Talk to him again: Quest Finish

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