A vocation are what most MMO-fans would call a profession that you use to gather materials and craft gear.

Vocation Guide:
In Pokari City, Roki the Woodsman (476, 463, 242) can teach you any Gathering Vocation.
Bolo the Craftsmen (449, 501, 242) can teach you all Crafting Vocations except Petcraft.
In Gau's Fazenda, Molon Book Merchant (898, -474, x) can teach you the Petcraft Vocation.

Table of crafting and gathering skills Edit

Crafting Skill Classes Gathering Skill
Guardian Forging Shaman / Dragoon Mining
Scout Crafting Ranger / Rogue Woodcutting
Arcane Tailoring Mystic / Conjurer Skinning
Herbalism All Forging
Cooking All Forging
Petcraft All Forging / Mining

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